Alex’s Scarf

I decided when I started knitting again that I would make a scarf, because I thought it would be easy.  I started it in September and for the most part had to take it VERY slow because of my wrist.  It felt like it was taking forever!  I joined Ravelry and saw tons of different patterns and just wanted to be done the scarf so I could make tons of new things!  

After many days of only being able to knit for no more than half an hour, I thought this would take me years! Slowly but surely it grew and grew.

On December 2, I finally finished it!  I’m so happy it’s done and that Alex loves it!  His only request is for me to add a fringe, but I think that’s very do-able.

So happy he loves it


And yesterday, I started my new project!  I’m doing a sampler afghan.  I found the pattern on line here and hopefully it’s not too hard for me!  I think I’ll upload pictures as I finish off squares…unless I take too long!


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