Seed Stitch Square

First and foremost, I want to say that I HATE doing the seed stitch.  It’s nice and simple, but the constant changing drives me nuts!  I couldn’t get the hang of the pattern in the very beginning and after ripping it out three times, I decided that however I did it next was going to be the way it ends up!  I ended up making it partially backwards, so the wrong side now is the right side…and it doesn’t look like the picture in the pattern, but I still think it looks good.. And if anyone says that it looks bad, they might just get the stink eye and maybe a punch too. I love that my wrist loves the physio involved with knitting, and how much better my wrist feels since I’ve started knitting. Believe me, it’s a long way from being “good”, but not being in constant pain sure feels nice!


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