Turnpike Square

Well, I’ve finished the turnpike square!  YAY!!!  This square was really fun to knit (probably why it went so fast). It has just a little bit of color work, and I think it looks amazing.  I was totally confused for the first bit, and with the first color change, I freaked out!  I had 6 yarns coming out of my work and when I turned it, I knotted the whole thing up! I then realized that I could cut off two of the yarns and then it was all better.  My first row of color was a little loose, but once I really got the hang of it, I made sure to tighten the work as I went.

On another note, I’ve decided to keep a knitting journal.  I saw a discussion on Ravelry about knitting journals, and I think it’s a great idea.  My awesome printer also prints really good photos, so I decided that in my journal I should print really tiny pictures of my project too!  I guess it’s a little redundant, since I’ve got all my yarn and pattern info saved on Ravelry, and I’m posting pictures here too, but I’m one of those people who really likes hard copies of things.  For example: I love seeing all of my pictures on my computer, but I HAVE to print and scrapbook the good ones (which I haven’t done in forever).  It’s a cute little book, and then I can keep track of all things I’ve given as gifts too.


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