Hooray for Dishcloths!!

I decided that for our road trip, I would get a skein of cotton to make dishcloths.  I wanted something to knit that wasn’t too hard, as the afghan square I’m working on has cables and I need to pay attention.  I figured that if I screw up on a dish cloth, it won’t really matter much at all. I mean, who really cares if their dish cloth has a knit instead of a purl?  I certainly don’t care!

But, alas, I learned that I’m just not a car knitter.  My tension goes all crazy loose and then my hands get sore and if it’s sunny then I can’t see what I’m doing!  I am not a knitter that can knit without looking at my work.  My tiny dish cloth took me a few days because I didn’t want to knit when we were at our destination.  It’s super cute, and I love how the color looks!  The big dishcloth was done in a day at home. I found the pattern on Ravelry, but it’s also readily available anywhere online. It seems like I work so much better at home, in my knitting spot.  I like to knit dishcloths in the living room with the tv on, and I like to work on my complicated stuff in the office when my fiance is home and on his computer!  We have the sweetest office EVER!  Our desks are on cornering walls, so our backs almost touch.  We can easily see what the other one is doing, but we can also have our personal space to get our work done.

Anyways, back to knitting! I’m working on the square called Jubilee Diamond…hopefully I’ll be done soon.


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