Half Way Done!

I decided today that I would seam up my 6 squares instead of waiting until I’m done all 12.  I am so proud of my half blanket! I think it looks really nice, but I may be biased…just a little. On Ravelry, I’ve seen lots of people complain about seaming and weaving in ends.  Maybe it’s just because I’m a new knitter, but I don’t mind either at all.  I almost find it calming.  But then again, I’m not on a deadline or rushed in any way.  I’ve been really pleased with the progress of my blanket.  I am not a fast knitter by far.  I usually try to knit at least  a little bit every day, at least an hour or so.  I’m trying to not push my wrist too far, because it’s been feeling quite good lately.

On another note, I also got new knitting needles!  I ordered from Knit Picks and got the Try It set.  It came with 24 inch cables, and pairs of size 6 wood tips, size 7 nickel tips, and size 8 acrylic tips.  So far, I’m fairly impressed with them.  I did dish cloths with the wood and nickel tips, and I’m doing my current afghan square on the acrylic tips.  I don’t have a preference between the three yet, but from what I’ve read, most people have a definite preference.  I’m sure it will come with time.


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