Owen’s Booties

I got a knitting book for Christmas from my sister on the condition that I knit the booties for her litle guy.  I finally got brave enough to cast these on, and I thought it went swimmingly.  I followed the pattern exactly, and when the first bootie was done, it didn’t exactly look like the picture, but I thought it looked great! Then I casted on the second one…. it started to look incredible! And I mean, every row I did, every pattern change I did, it looked markedly better than the first one.  Last night I realized I need to make a third bootie to replace the bootie that he can use when his foot is extremely swollen! I swear, it’s WAY too big, and I don’t know what happened!

I’m also kind of sad that I couldn’t just rip out the bad bootie, because the yarn is cut in so many places for the shaping.  I didn’t really want to end up with tons of short pieces of yarn, but I did have enough to cast on a third!

It seemed like it took me forever to make the newest bootie, but it’s finally done!  I’m not super happy about how the ears turned out, but they’re still adorable.  Hopefully the little man loves them.


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