Two for One!

Well, I’ve finished two squares in the last week or so!  After letting my wrist recover from the cortisone injection, my wrist feels better than before.  I’d say it’s almost back to normal!! Yay! After almost a year of pain that seems to have evaded diagnosis, I’m finally regaining functionality again.  I’m hoping and praying that when I see my ortho surgeon on the 21st that he’ll okay me to go back to work at full duties! I’ve been waiting since August to be placed in a job within the restrictions I had to no avail, so it will be a blessing to go back to my own job.  I haven’t been able to do my job in close to a year now, and it’s really torn me up.  I just hope upon hope that the cortisone continues to work as I work on regaining my strength!

Anyways, back to the squares!  This first one is called Pueblo and it’s really neat.  It involves two colors (duh!) and slipping stitches within the pattern to make the design.  When I first read the pattern, I was so confused and wasn’t able to put it right in my mind how it would work, but low and behold it did!


The second square is called Mini Diamond.  It introduced elements of lace knitting.  There were yarn overs, k2tog, and ssk’s.  I had to look up ssk on YouTube because I just couldn’t get it based on the description in the pattern.  Thank you YouTube!!! Technology is my friend! It’s so great that I have learned so much about knitting in these few short months.  Considering I only started in September, I’d say that I’ve learned quite a lot! Of course, I’m not an expert, nor do I claim to be one.  I can hold my own with simple patterns, and it makes me terribly happy!

Wow! 10 squares done…that means two to go, then I’m done! I’ve got tons of projects in mind, and I’m also working on a pair of armwarmers right now.  Those armwarmers are going to take me FOREVER! They are done in fingering weight yarn and 2.5mm DPNs.  I’ve only got maybe a centimeter done so far! They sure are going to be awesome when I’m finally done.


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