Another double square post

Wow! I can’t believe the progress I’ve made in the last week…4 squares in about a week and a half!  Before I could only do a square a week, and that was pushing it.  I am pleased to show you Tumbleweeds! It was fairly easy, just worked in two colors and doing slipped stitches.  I think I did it in a day or two.

The last square is called Windswept.  It’s a fully cabled square.  The first cabled square I did I really liked, but this one has cable overkill I think.  It became a bit of a pain in the ass.  I really like doing cables, they look like magic (I think I said this before)! I finished this square yesterday afternoon and spent time sewing the last row together.

After dinner, I finished sewing all the squares together and weaved in all the ends!  It looks incredible!  I also started the crochet border.  I decided that instead of doing two rows of single crochet around the edge in one color that I will do a round of single crochet in each of the four colors.  Hopefully I’ll be finished this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I’m so excited to be almost done this project!


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