Beard Hat

A colleague asked me to knit a hat for her fiance for Christmas.  She said she had found Beard Hats/Lumberjack Hats for sale on Etsy for upwards of $40 plus shipping.  I said I could do her one better and do it for the cost of the yarn! It’s a combination of three different patterns.  She bought bulky yarn for the hat, so I found a bulky pattern on Ravelry here.  It’s called Plain Ol’ Hat.  The beard pattern is the Garter Stitch Beard – here is the Ravelry link.  And she specially wanted a 3D style moustache to stick out a bit, so we found a crochet pattern called Handlebar Moustache here.  It was a super quick knit – I did all of this in one evening!  I nearly died laughing while putting this thing together…and just had to try it on! Sorry about the bad pictures, but red doesn’t photograph well after dark in my house.  Enjoy!



And since black on black also doesn’t show up, here’s the moustache!



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