Granny Stripe Blanket

I found the cutest blog ever quite a while ago. It’s called Attic24. It’s written by a lovely lady named Lucy over in England. I have been following her blog for a few months now, and I decided to try out one of her patterns. It’s the Granny Stripe blanket, and she has the pattern listed here on her blog. I was wanting to make a blanket out of my scraps. Now I know I don’t have much for scraps, since I’ve only been knitting for a year. I decided that I would keep this blanket as a WIP and as I get leftovers from other projects, just do a row on the blanket. It sounded easy at the time, but then something changed. I went on Ravelry and was looking at other people’s projects and found that tons of people have made this blanket! AND there’s a group on Ravelry devoted to love for Lucy’s blog!! Once I started reading about how people plan out their blanket and all the yarn that will eventually go into a monster like mine, I realized things are going to have to change. I started to form a bit of a pattern, but then I started to run out of yarns…darn scraps! Now, I’m kind of stuck. I’m trying to decide on what kinds of colors I’m going to add to my blanket. I’m going to try to keep 6 different colors going at the same time, and swap the colors out when they run out. I think it will have enough variance to hopefully not look too stupid. But then again, who wouldn’t love a colorful, warm granny stripe afghan?? Hopefully I can manage to crank out 4 color stripes a week minimum and I should be done in no time! I’m actually hoping it will be done before spring. It’s a monster of a blanket. I think my starting chain was 240 long. It hangs fairly nicely over the sides of our queen bed, and I hope it will end up queen sized in the end, but with the border I’m thinking of, I’m sure it will be perfect! Here’s to spending more money on yarn! Pretty, pretty yarn!!



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