Granny Stripe Progress – Dec 10

Well, I’ve been working hard on my granny stripe.  I guess I should have measured it out when I first started pushing myself to work more at it; but since I didn’t, we’ll start now!

As of today, my granny stripe is 19 inches long by 68 inches wide.  It’s a total of 25 stripes so far! My goal is to make it 80 inches long so it covers our queen sized bed.  I’m going to do a border afterwards, so it will be even bigger than that!

I do enjoy the rhythm you get into when crocheting a granny stripe.  It takes me about 30 minutes to work one row, so that’s about an hour per color stripe.  It’s quite soothing to me.  I sit on the couch, curl up with the little dog, and find something to listen to on the TV.  Because of the shift work issue, my goal is to do at least one stripe every day off that I have.  For the last week, I have been able to meet that goal!

Here’s this week’s granny stripe picture:

Dec 10 Progress!


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