Two Dishcloths – and new needles!

I ordered a ChiaoGoo Twist small interchangeable set  and it came finally! I think the shipping took two weeks, which feels like it took FOREVER! Apparently I’m not very patient when I’m waiting for a parcel…

I’m so in love! I instantly transferred my WIP to them and nearly died of joy.  The join really is incredible. The stitches just glide around like butter and I finally felt like I had real control of my knitting. I have a ton of straight needles, most of which have really dull tips.  I definitely am a sharp pointy needle kind of girl.  I quickly finished my Boxy Washcloth that I was knitting with my much despised mega ball of blue cotton.

Boxy Washcloth

It’s got a neat texture and looks good on both sides!




After I was done the Boxy Dishcloth, I casted on the Lizard Ridge Dishcloth.  This one involves short rows.  The first row I did, I forgot to pick up half of the wraps.  I didn’t realize it until a few rows later, so I didn’t fix it.  The next time around, I watched a YouTube video of picking up the wraps to make it look nicer.  By the end, I think I got short rows under control!  I really like the look of this cloth, though.  I may end up making more!



And guess what?!? I finally am coming to the end of the gigantic ball of handicrafter cotton! I re-wound the ball by hand because it was starting to tangle up, and weighed it post.  There’s 65g left, which is just slightly more than the amount needed for one dishcloth.  It only has taken me  almost a year to use this up!




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