Granny Stripe Progress – Dec 17

This week I worked my first stretch of 3 12 hour day shifts in a row in about 5 years.  It wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated, but I sure was tired by the end! Some days at work, I think to myself, “Oh yeah, this job is great.  I love it here and I’m glad we moved”. Other days I think,  “Oh bloody hell, why did I get a job in ICU???” I’ve got lots to learn, but overall I love it.  It’s such an incredible environment built on support for the staff.

Anyways, back to the granny stripe! I managed to get in 5 stripes this week which brings me up to 29 stripes.  My goal is 104 stripes, so I’m 27% finished the blanket (I’m not counting the border for progress sake).  I also added in an all new color – WHITE! For some reason, I love the white against the teal.  It’s too bad that I’ve run out of teal and have replaced it with a turquoise that doesn’t match at all.

I’ve decided that once I’m finished with the yarns that I have, I will only use Knit Picks Brava for the rest.  I was really disappointed with my last trip to the craft store.  I just didn’t see any colors that I liked.  I like the selection of colors that Knit Picks has to offer.  I also like the softness of the yarn too.  I think it’s definitely thinner than the worsted they say it is, but I can work with that.

Gratuitous doggy shot!!

Gratuitous doggy shot!!


Now to get ready for night shift tonight – nap time!


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