Granny Stripe Progress – Dec 31

I missed last week! Sorry! I was so busy gearing up for Christmas and working, that I didn’t really get in any progress. We had a Christmas party, three Christmas dinners, 2 of which brought us three hours from home, I worked 48 hours, and also did most of my Christmas shopping/wrapping. In my limited time, I managed to get two stripes done – red and mint. Once the Christmas craziness was done, I got some serious crocheting done. I ended up doing 6 rows in the last two weeks. I have realized today that I’m out of black and won’t be able to proceed in 5 rows. I think I’m going to have to break down and find a skein of black at the craft store so that I can keep going until January 24th when I get to put in my next Knit Picks order. I’m waiting until then because there’s a new colorway that I want to use to make a scarf for Alex that is released on that day. So for now, I’m filling up my wish list with all sorts of fun things!

Granny Stripe

Total rows: 35/104 = 34%

Length: 27 1/2″




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