The Christmas Story Dishcloth

I wanted to finish this dishcloth before Christmas, but couldn’t find the time. I actually ended up finishing it on December 30th, just before the end of the year! I wanted to only have two WIPs to start out the new year – it keeps my head clear.

The Christmas Story Dishcloth

Yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

Needles: US3


I’m now working on my armwarmers, which I started nearly a year ago.  I hated working with DPNs, so I ordered ChiaoGoo circular needles.  I found it much easier to work with the circulars, but I began a downward spiral of procrastination.  I would pick it up on occasion, doing a row here and there.  I’ve decided to get tough with myself this year.  Now, I have to work on these, and I cannot cast on a new project until I’m at least done one armwarmer.  I honestly have always liked this pattern and wanted these finished, so now is the time!  They are perfectly housed in my Tom Bihn Swift knitting bag, waiting to come with me wherever I go, night shift included!

Pattern: Marywarmers

Yarn: Nova Sock Print

Needles: 2.5mm / US 2 1/2


They have a really cool radiating rib pattern, and they actually go fairly fast, when I spend the time on them!


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