Granny Stripe Progress – Jan 21

My crazy granny stripe grew by 3 stripes last week. I’m starting to feel like I’m not really making progress as quickly as I want to with this. Truthfully, it’s hard to do a stripe per day off that I have. I’m really quite exhausted a lot of the time – take for instance this weekend: I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. That’s 12 hour shifts, and I don’t sleep at all. Compound that with not sleeping well during the day made me a huge write off all day yesterday (I didn’t sleep well again) and then I was up all night because I couldn’t get to sleep! Needless to say, nothing got done yesterday, and now after sleeping away half my day I’m playing catch up.

Wow. That was a lot of complaining about being tired! Hopefully I get more than three stripes this week!

Granny Stripe

Total Rows: 42/104 = 40%

Length : 32 1/2″



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