Sick Dog Blues

What a week! My poor dog Shadow was feeling sick last Sunday. He was having some diarrhea and wasn’t handling food he ate either. It quickly progressed to having to urgently go outside every two hours for the next 5 days. I ended up having to get a special leave day from work because I couldn’t get enough sleep to be able to properly function. Being a good nurse, I did some research to try and see if I could help fix him without going to the vet. He got switched to pumpkin purée, white rice, and boiled chicken with some results, but definitely not sustained results. I finally broke down and found a vet for my sweet baby. Friday we went in and I ended up spending $500! Shadow had a stool test, urine test, blood work, got a fluid bolus (precautionary – he wasn’t dehydrated), a prescription for Flagyl, and a few cans of soft food that would be gentle on his tummy. We got back the blood results and they didn’t really show anything, so now we’re waiting for the rest of the results. He did, however, seem to turn the corner…just hopefully not too far – he now hasn’t pooped since Friday! I’m off to research constipation and see if I can help him, but I’m stuck between another theory also – I sure hope its constipation and not an ileus! But he also hasn’t really been eating his full meals yet either; I only gave him a full meal of his usual food this morning. Haha, just my luck – one week praying for no poop and the next week hoping for poop!

I just realized that some people might not be happy reading about poop – oh well. Unfortunately, having been a nurse for the last 8 years, not much grosses me out anymore.

Hopefully my life will return to some normalcy so I can spend some time knitting and crocheting this week.


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