I haven’t forgotten!

Sorry it’s been so long! I really haven’t forgotten, just life has become so busy! I work so much, and have so few days off that when I’m at home, I don’t have much energy to do anything. I have, however, been knitting! I have totally abandoned my granny stripe for the moment, though. I’ve knitted a couple of stuffed toys and a hat. I have too many projects on the needles too. I usually only like having one or two projects on the go, but right now, I have 5. 5?!?!? Yeah. Kinda crazy of me. I frogged my Marywarmers that I have been working on since February 2012. I decided that overall I didn’t like the look of the increases and decreases (my own bad knitting, not the pattern). I decided on a lacy scarf that will be so pretty! I guess I forgot that I hate knitting scarves and I had already started one for Alex.  Alex then got mad at me for knitting his scarf and that I should make something for myself.  So I casted on and finished a hat – which turned out to small, so I started a bigger one for me.  And then, I decided I wanted mittens too….so yeah.  I went a little ADHD there, and I don’t know what to do about it.  Sometimes I work on one thing a day, but then other days, I work on everything.  It’s mind boggling to me. And I think I sound a bit rambly – Here’s a list of my WIPs:

1 – Granny Stripe Blanket

Status: On hold. I haven’t worked on this bad boy since January.  I tried to force myself to do a row two weeks ago and I just finished it today.  I’m tired of working on this, so it’s just gonna hang out until I find my mojo back.  It’s got 48 stripes and is 46% finished.  I still want to finish this monster, and make it queen bed sized, but it might be a while in time out.  I don’t even have any recent pictures of it!

2 – Strangling Vines Lace Scarf  (free pattern on Ravelry)

Needles: US4

Yarn: Nova Sock Print Fingering

Status: Slowly progressing.  It comes with me to work on night shifts and I work on it when I have time.  This might take me a while to complete. It will need a good hard blocking once I’m done (which I’ve never done before) and it will be heavenly!



3 – Dapperly Dashing Scarf (free pattern on Ravelry)

Needles: US10

Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Tonal Worsted in Deep Waters

Status: Chugging away at this one.  It doesn’t travel to work with me because it’s on straight needles, and I don’t want to bring those in to work.



4 – Power Pop Mittens (free pattern on Ravelry)

Needles: US8

Yarn: Loops & Threads Impeccable Worsted in Folklore (remnants from another project)

Status: Slow as well.  The pattern calls for DK yarn and US4 needles, but I wanted bigger mittens, so I used worsted yarn and size US8 needles.  This was more of a test because I didn’t want to use my Knit Picks Swish until I had the sizing right, but now I kind of like the crazy barfy yarn I’m using.  It’s definitely not a great yarn to show off the neat pattern, but I don’t mind. I apparently don’t have a picture of this right now.


5 – Lucky 7 Hat (free pattern on Ravelry)

Needles: US7

Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Gulfstream

Status: My favorite project on the go right now! I made the Lucky 7 Hat in Knit Picks Swish Tonal in Gypsy and I followed it exactly as the pattern.  It unfortunately was way too short and also too tight.  I gave it to my mom, and decided to knit a second one for me!  This one I casted on 108 stitches instead of 84, and knit 30 rows of ribbing for the brim instead of 23.  I think I will also knit in 8 cable crosses instead of 7.  I really liked the gauge, so I stuck with the US7 needle size.  It’s so smooshy and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!



So yeah, this is all the stuff I have on the go right now!  Hopefully I won’t cast on anything new until these are all done, but I don’t know when my knitting ADHD will kick in!

Soonly I’ll show off a few FOs that I’ve been too lazy to post!


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