5 more FOs – July 19

Well, I am officially horrible at blogging!

Alex and I have now moved into our new house.  Since June 2012, it has been crazy.  In June 2012, Alex got a new job and moved 3 hours away.  He moved twice within a month.  We got married in September, sold the house in October, and I made the official move with the stuff and the dogs into an apartment in November.  I started my new job in November.  We finally saved up enough money for the down payment for our new house, found our dream home… and moved in June 2013.  It is so nice to have all of our stuff back and have the space we so desperately craved!  Our crazy roller coaster year is officially over!!! We finally feel settled for the first time in what feels like forever.   Now that we have an office again, it will be so much easier to keep up with blogging (I hope)!

Here’s 5 more FOs that have been completed this year:

1 – Ballband Dishcloth – free on Ravelry

I made this out of Bernat Handicrafter cotton.  I really hated this giant ball of the swimming pool colorway and finally decided to do it in.  It took me a few repeats to figure out the pattern…I thought I knew what I was doing, but I just wasn’t reading properly.

Finished May 1, 2013


2 – Aviatrix Hat – free on Ravelry

This is one of the first baby hats I ever fell in love with on Ravelry, and it took me forever to actually make it!  It was super easy to do and only took me a  few days…which probably works out to maybe 6 hours of knitting time.  I don’t have a particular baby that I knit this for, so it’s sitting in my gift bin. I still need to find a button for it, though.

Finished May 6, 2013


3  – Three Dishcloths – free on Ravelry

This is the official last of the giant handicrafter ball! The green one is made from Knit Picks Dishie, which I like much better.

Finished May 30, 2013


4 – Leafy Washcloths – free on Ravelry

These are super cute and I made both leaves.  They are on the small side, so one is a coaster and the other is under  a plant in the kitchen.

Finished June 2, 2013


5 – Ripple Hand Towel – free on Ravelry

This was really fun to make and I managed to memorize the pattern very easily.

Finished June 24, 2013


Well, there you go!  I said five, and that’s what you got.  I actually have more, but I need to save some for next week.  I have next Friday off too, so hopefully I’ll be able to put together another FO show for you!  I’m not too far behind anymore..


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