Friday Fun Day!

Happy Friday!

I signed up for a knitmeter account yesterday and logged all my projects for the year so far.  I decided to start keeping track of how much I knit so it will help me when I’m attempting to use up stash! I might be just a bit of a nerd about things! I also finally went into my Ravelry stash and calculated how much total yarn I have.  Are you ready for this?  I have 15.9km of yarn!!! I’m sure many people think that’s not a bad number, and though I don’t think it’s a bad number either, I just want it smaller.  I want to enjoy the yarns I buy rather than let them sit unused for years and years.  I pulled out all the yarn yesterday to take pictures.

My stash April 17, 2014.  15.9km of awesome!

My stash April 17, 2014. 15.9km of awesome!


Yeah, I do love my stash.  It’s not the greatest, it’s not the most expensive, but it’s mine.  I chose every one of these.  There are very little yarn regrets I have had over my modest 2 years of knitting.  After rolling around in my yarn for a bit, I carefully tucked it all away into storage.


My perfect knitting corner!

My perfect knitting corner!


My plan is to never have more yarn than can comfortably fit inside the drawers.  Currently I have just a little bit more, but my next two projects will take care of that.  On top of the yarn drawers is my knitting basket, which has current projects, scrap yarn, my interchangeable set, and some spare DPNs. The pink square container is where I keep all my little important things like stitch markers and tapestry needles and scissors.


Lets do a FO now:

Hermione’s Everyday Sock – free download on Ravelry

Yarn – Trekking XXL

Needles – 2.5mm/US1.5

Finished – TODAY!!

 Hermione's Everyday Socks


These socks were so fast to knit! I decided to make ankle socks this time, just for a change.  I did the modified eye of partridge heel as per the pattern.  Most pairs of socks take me at least 2 months to make, and these only took 2 weeks! I easily memorized the pattern and knit the second sock pretty much without looking at the pattern at all.  This yarn is one of my yarn regrets.  I don’t really know what I was thinking when this came home with me.


All of the socks I have ever knit have been top down heel flap gusset socks, so I think with the next pair I will try toe up.  I’m planning on knitting Blurred Lines next, and they are toe up with a OMG (One-needle Mock Gusset) heel.  It is a paid pattern on Ravelry.


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