WIP Wednesday April 23

Happy Wednesday!
I’m writing this on my new computer! My beautiful iMac arrived last night an hour before I left for work. I had just enough time to set it all up and start the data transfer from my MacBook. It actually turned out good that I had to work because before I left the house, there was about 7 hours to go on the import. I had a long antsy night at work just waiting to go home!  My handy hubby did lots of set up after the transfer was done, so when I finally did get home, it was all fired up and ready to go.  I sure feel spoiled having a new computer.  Everything is so fast, and it can actually do more than two things at the same time!

My new baby!


So, as the title suggests, I’m going to show off a WIP (that’s work in progress if you aren’t down with the knitting lingo).  I’ve wanted to knit a sweater for a long time, but haven’t had the guts to go for it.  I finally decided that I know enough about shaping, so it’s now or never.  I browsed through patterns for a while and finally settled on the Backbone Cable Sweater for Alex.  It’s available for download on Ravelry for $6 US.  I bought the pattern in October 2013, and then waited until Alex was ready for measurements.  I ended up buying yarn guessing what size he would be because I never got around for measurements.  Finally, around Christmas, I measured him up. I then decided that I would finish up all of my 2013 projects and have nothing on the needles for the start of 2014.  I casted on the sweater shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day. It’s been a slow slog knitting this thing.  I picked something simple for my first sweater, and this seems to be causing me problems because I’m used to knitting quite complex socks and hats.  The miles of stockinette with one cable going up the spine is not keeping me very interested.  I have to knit until it’s 17 inches before I split for the sleeves, and I’m up to 14. It doesn’t help that since the start of 2014 I’ve procrastinated on the sweater so badly that I’ve knit two pairs of socks, two hats, a pair of slippers, a stuffed monster,  a cowl…and so on. Clearly that should get me a medal!  I have 2 other WIPs right now and I’m trying to push myself to finish this sweater.  No more casting on socks until I’m done! PS – socks are my favorite thing to knit!  The cable will be going up the center back, not the side as the picture suggests.



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