Tragedy Strikes

Sunshine Socks – from Sock Innovation

Yarn – Malabrigo Sock in Light of Love

Needles – 2.5mm/US1.5

Finished March 20, 2014

IMG_3293 IMG_3297

I love Cookie A sock patterns.  Love them so much!  I love the intricate designs, I love the charts.  I realize this is why socks take me a really long time to knit. These need my constant attention and care.  There was lots of ripping back so they were perfect.  These socks are my crowning achievement.  My best socks ever!

Like all other socks I have made, this yarn is superwash.  I washed these like how I wash all my other socks.  OMG THEY FELTED!!!  My gorgeous cabled things of beauty are destroyed!


In anger, I said that I will never purchase Malabrigo Sock ever again.  In calmness, I state the same.  Never again will I buy Malabrigo Sock.  Two months of work is destroyed.  They don’t even fit anymore.  Luckily, my little sister has smaller feet than me and she inherited them.  She says they are super warm – no kidding! They are damn near bulletproof now! Life is too short to worry about how my knits will turn out in the wash – no hand washing is in my future EVER.

And plus, I’ve become a bit of a Wollmeise addict. I haven’t bought any yarn since my last Wollmeise purchase in March, but that’s probably what I’ll buy going forward until I find a new vice.


In other life news, T – 3 days until I get my Invisalign!


2 thoughts on “Tragedy Strikes

  1. OMG–I can’t believe they felted! That’s horrible! I’m not a sock knitter, really, so I’ve never worked with malabrigo sock, but I do LOVE malabrigo. That breaks my heart!

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