Granny Stripe Blanket

I finally finished my granny stripe blanket! It sat in my knitting basket for a really long time not being touched.  Once we moved, I was determined to get working on it!  I did a couple of stripes before I decided that I was done working on it.  It ended up with 50 stripes and then 7 border rounds.  I used a scallop edging on the last color round.  The blanket fits perfectly on a twin sized bed.  I think it will become a very well loved and used blanket in our home.  It’s a really good size for cuddling up under.



Granny Stripe Progress – Jan 28

I had a few days off this week, and finally got some really good crochet time in! I ended up getting 5 stripes done, which is  awesome! I’m slowly getting there in terms of progress.  Unfortunately, there’s no picture this week because WordPress and my phone aren’t speaking well with eachother.


Granny Stripe

Total Rows: 47/104 = 45%

Length: 36″

Granny Stripe Progress – Jan 21

My crazy granny stripe grew by 3 stripes last week. I’m starting to feel like I’m not really making progress as quickly as I want to with this. Truthfully, it’s hard to do a stripe per day off that I have. I’m really quite exhausted a lot of the time – take for instance this weekend: I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. That’s 12 hour shifts, and I don’t sleep at all. Compound that with not sleeping well during the day made me a huge write off all day yesterday (I didn’t sleep well again) and then I was up all night because I couldn’t get to sleep! Needless to say, nothing got done yesterday, and now after sleeping away half my day I’m playing catch up.

Wow. That was a lot of complaining about being tired! Hopefully I get more than three stripes this week!

Granny Stripe

Total Rows: 42/104 = 40%

Length : 32 1/2″


Granny Stripe Progress – Jan 14

The granny stripe grew by two stripes this week.  I ended up running out of black yarn and my Knit Picks order isn’t in yet.  It should be here any day now, so then I can get back into it! I’ve got lots of yummy things coming in my Knit Picks order, and I’ll make sure to post all of my goodies once they come!

Granny Stripe

Total Rows: 39/104

Length: 31″


Granny Stripe Progress – Dec 31

I missed last week! Sorry! I was so busy gearing up for Christmas and working, that I didn’t really get in any progress. We had a Christmas party, three Christmas dinners, 2 of which brought us three hours from home, I worked 48 hours, and also did most of my Christmas shopping/wrapping. In my limited time, I managed to get two stripes done – red and mint. Once the Christmas craziness was done, I got some serious crocheting done. I ended up doing 6 rows in the last two weeks. I have realized today that I’m out of black and won’t be able to proceed in 5 rows. I think I’m going to have to break down and find a skein of black at the craft store so that I can keep going until January 24th when I get to put in my next Knit Picks order. I’m waiting until then because there’s a new colorway that I want to use to make a scarf for Alex that is released on that day. So for now, I’m filling up my wish list with all sorts of fun things!

Granny Stripe

Total rows: 35/104 = 34%

Length: 27 1/2″



Granny Stripe Progress – Dec 17

This week I worked my first stretch of 3 12 hour day shifts in a row in about 5 years.  It wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated, but I sure was tired by the end! Some days at work, I think to myself, “Oh yeah, this job is great.  I love it here and I’m glad we moved”. Other days I think,  “Oh bloody hell, why did I get a job in ICU???” I’ve got lots to learn, but overall I love it.  It’s such an incredible environment built on support for the staff.

Anyways, back to the granny stripe! I managed to get in 5 stripes this week which brings me up to 29 stripes.  My goal is 104 stripes, so I’m 27% finished the blanket (I’m not counting the border for progress sake).  I also added in an all new color – WHITE! For some reason, I love the white against the teal.  It’s too bad that I’ve run out of teal and have replaced it with a turquoise that doesn’t match at all.

I’ve decided that once I’m finished with the yarns that I have, I will only use Knit Picks Brava for the rest.  I was really disappointed with my last trip to the craft store.  I just didn’t see any colors that I liked.  I like the selection of colors that Knit Picks has to offer.  I also like the softness of the yarn too.  I think it’s definitely thinner than the worsted they say it is, but I can work with that.

Gratuitous doggy shot!!

Gratuitous doggy shot!!


Now to get ready for night shift tonight – nap time!