Invisalign Tray 1

I finally got my Invisaligns!  What a process to get here!  It took an exceptionally long time to get them because my case is “very complex”. There was more back and forth between my orthodontist and the Invisalign peeps than usual, so it took 3 weeks longer than it should have.  I was surprised to find out that I have 22 trays.  I thought it would be way more, even my orthodontist said we were looking into the high 20s last time we spoke.  That being said, I’m happy with less if they give the results we want.

The first thing I noticed when I out them on for the first time is the “tight” feeling.  Obviously with the goal of moving teeth, I expected a tightness.  I took Tylenol and Ibuprofen and went about my day.  I had to work nights, but the pain wasn’t too bad.  By the time my shift was over at 7am, I was in agony.  My mouth felt claustrophobic, my jaw was sore, and worst of all, my tongue was all cut up from the plastic! I popped more Tylenol and Ibuprofen and settled in for a sleep.

I have been taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen almost daily ever since.  Usually it’s only once a day, but sometimes more.  The claustrophobic feeling subsided within a couple of days, and my tongue isn’t getting cut up anymore either.  I do feel them constantly, and I have a slight lisp.  I have found that eating has quickly become an unpleasurable experience.  It is also a huge pain in the ass to brush my teeth a million times a day! I have heard of the Invisalign diet, and I most certainly understand now! It’s too much work to snack.  I need to be really hungry to eat, and if I’m going to eat, it better be worth the work!

I took a truly horrible picture after I put in the trays for the first time, but it’s the only one I have right now…


Well, at least my teeth can only look better!


Tragedy Strikes

Sunshine Socks – from Sock Innovation

Yarn – Malabrigo Sock in Light of Love

Needles – 2.5mm/US1.5

Finished March 20, 2014

IMG_3293 IMG_3297

I love Cookie A sock patterns.  Love them so much!  I love the intricate designs, I love the charts.  I realize this is why socks take me a really long time to knit. These need my constant attention and care.  There was lots of ripping back so they were perfect.  These socks are my crowning achievement.  My best socks ever!

Like all other socks I have made, this yarn is superwash.  I washed these like how I wash all my other socks.  OMG THEY FELTED!!!  My gorgeous cabled things of beauty are destroyed!


In anger, I said that I will never purchase Malabrigo Sock ever again.  In calmness, I state the same.  Never again will I buy Malabrigo Sock.  Two months of work is destroyed.  They don’t even fit anymore.  Luckily, my little sister has smaller feet than me and she inherited them.  She says they are super warm – no kidding! They are damn near bulletproof now! Life is too short to worry about how my knits will turn out in the wash – no hand washing is in my future EVER.

And plus, I’ve become a bit of a Wollmeise addict. I haven’t bought any yarn since my last Wollmeise purchase in March, but that’s probably what I’ll buy going forward until I find a new vice.


In other life news, T – 3 days until I get my Invisalign!

Life Lately

Wow. A lot of living has taken place since I last blogged.  I constantly think of doing blog posts, but my thoughts never turn me into sitting down and typing one.  More life stuff has prompted me to get back into blogging regularly!

I’ll start off with a little bit of an FO parade! I’ll try to stick to only my favourites!

Kai-Mei Socks – from Sock Innovation by Cookie A

Yarn – Oh Loops! High Twist Sock in Boober Fraggle

Needle – 2.5mm/US1.5

Finished – Sept 24 2013

Kai-Mei Socks

These socks were quite fun to knit.  After the first repeat on the foot I totally understood how easy it truly was with also looking so intricate. Having worn these for a while now (I wear all of my handknit socks mostly at work wearing crocs, so I abuse them more than most people I’m sure), I think the leg of ribbing gets too baggy by the end of the day.


Strangling Vines Lace Scarf – free download on Ravelry

Yarn – Nova Sock Print

Needle – 3.5mm/US4

Finished – Oct 10 2013

Strangling Vines Lace Scarf

I worked on this poor scarf forever, seemingly getting nowhere.  It wasn’t until I had the brainy moment, that if I just work on it, it will eventually get done, that it finally got done. I think I finished the second half off in a couple of weeks.  It was my first attempt at blocking, which I think went well.  I ended up giving it to my sister for Christmas.


Owlie Sleep Set – all free downloads on Ravelry: Owlie Hat, Owlie Sleep Sack and Dreamy Baby Booties

Yarn – Malabrigo Rios in Bobby Blue

Needles – 4.omm/US6, 4.5mm/US7

Finished – Nov 14 2013

Sleep Sack

A girlfriend from work asked me to knit something for her baby.  I let her pick out patterns and told her how much yarn I would need. I was surprised when she bought Malabrigo, and I was super excited when I saw it!  This yarn feels like butter in your hands!  I loved knitting with it.  Now – for the objects, I modified the edge on the hat and sleep sack to be ribbing instead of the rolled stockinette edge.  I had to adjust the cast on numbers to account for the 2×2 ribbing for the sack and the 1×1 ribbing for the hat.  I finished all three things within 4 days! For some reason I can’t find he picture with all three.  Oh well…


Jaywalker Socks – Free download on Ravelry

Yarn – Twisted Limone Tangy Sock Yarn in Key Lime Pie

Needles – 2.5mm/US1.5

Finished – Dec 13 2013

Jaywalker Socks

I didn’t do any mods on the pattern and I cast on for the smaller size (76).  I can get them on my feet with a little bit of work and they feel fine on.  I’m not sure if I had knit the next size up if they would be too big in the leg.


Okay, now I’ve had enough of the FOs.  I’ll have to do more later! I’ve got a few WIPs right now as well.  I started a sweater for Alex on New Year’s Day – I have been slowly working on it.  It’s a bottom up in the round sweater with set in sleeves.  I’m about 12″ up the body and I need to be at 17″ to split for the sleeves.  I’m also working on a pair of socks, a giant shawl/wrap thing, and a ten stitch blanket.  All are at various stages of not being very far along.

I’ve recently come into a realization about my yarn stash, though.  I counted up how much I knit last year, and counted up how much yarn I have.  If I knit at the pace I kept last year, I have two years of knitting available to me.  I want to work on keeping my stash current and at an acceptable level to me.  I don’t want to purchase yarn that I will never use.  I am trying to use up a new yarn, then an older yarn.  The exceptions I have to this are my dishcloth cotton and acrylic stashes.  I thing both are good for whipping up quick gifts or just for quick mindless projects during long hauls of large boring work.  Anyways, since I have only been knitting for a couple of years, this isn’t much of a problem yet.  I’m knitting socks with the oldest yarn I have and it was only bought last April.  I want to maybe keep my stash to about the one year ahead mark, mostly buying with specific projects in mind.  Most of what I have is single skeins, which if its sock yarn, that’s a pair of socks. But, when it gets into the worsted, sport and DK, then it’s hat after hat after hat…then some mittens.  And don’t get me wrong, those are all perfectly good things to knit, but it’s not how I want to purchase my yarn anymore.  I have gotten into purchasing some gorgeous but expensive (to me) yarns and I want to be careful when I click buy.

Anyways, the real reason I’m trying to start blogging again is I am hoping to use this space to track my Invisalign progress alongside with my knitting progress.  I am getting Invisalign braces right away and I did a lot of research on this process before I signed up to get this done, and I want to try to offer my side of things.  I have quite a bit of issues with my teeth and am really excited to get this all fixed up!   The main problem is with my family genetics.  Almost everyone in my family has some version of missing teeth.  As far as I can remember, I’m missing the most.  I never grew wisdom teeth.  I still have 4 baby teeth in my mouth (I’m 31 years old), and I’m missing my both of my lateral incisors on top.  That’s a grand total of 10 teeth that I will never have.  Because my canines got to grow in however they wanted, they are sideways.  My orthodontist is hoping to move my canines closer to my central incisors and to shape them to look like incisors.  He feels that this way I will have a more normal looking smile with gaps in the back.  That will set up for when the baby teeth finally do die I can get adult sized implants.  I hope to be able to get a copy of the video they make to show predicted progress!

I went for my x-rays, pictures, and scan today.  Nothing too crazy, just a panorex X-ray and one of my skull.  Pictures were of my face and side profile as well as a wide smile.  Also there were pictures with my gums pulled away looking up and down, my bite, and other various poses. The iTero scan was neat.  It blew air in while scanning, so it made my mouth quite dry.  Luckily we stopped for multiple breaks.

And now I wait.  My orthodontist will consult back and forth for a couple of weeks and then all my trays will be made.  I have an appointment for May 26 for my first set of trays.  That’s when I will know how long this will start to take!


..Phew, that’s a lot of writing! If you actually made it to the end of this, let me reward you with my newest obsession, Wollmeise!